Art and Music Collide

Just something I have been working on in my sketchbook… #Music can be very #inspirational and #motivational it can transcend generational gaps, it can bring people together for #culturalcelebrations, #learning the #rhythm and the #beats can be used to teach #math skills also. It amazes me that the #music and #arts #history so intertwine, imagine to be able to hear in color.

The sounds of the Bass photo by M Shannon Hurst

The bass might be silent, but listen closely and you can hear the sounds of the crickets chirping, the rhythms of the train rumbling on the tracks below. The crowd cheering at the Field of Dreams during baseball season, dogs barking, geese flying over head, the occasional turkey in the trees below. If your lucky you might catch that fox on the prowl, or see the deer running through the neighborhood. The rhythms you hear can be the swaying of the trees, the crackling of the fire, listen closely to the rhythms of your town what do you hear.

Blue Guitar 36 x 24 acrylic by MShannonHurst
Tie dye guitar 36 x 24 acrylic by MShannonHurst

Music can come in a variety of genres, take time to explore and listen to a wide variety experience many different kinds without judgement, just enjoy the experience, the culture and learn how to appreciate people and the effort that they put into their craft and their work. Learn about their skills their life’s and do not judge what you do not understand. Learn to appreciate.

Published by maryshannonhurst

My name is Mary Shannon Hurst, I am a mother of three children, and two grandchildren. Making the transition navigating my way through teenage pregnancy, motherhood, marriages, divorces and navigating sisterhood, job skills training, community relations, international relations, cultural relations, and educating children begins as soon as they are conceived from the foods that go into their mouths the nutrition that they eat, if they get enough sunshine, and exercise fresh air hugs and love and attention. I believe there is a reason and a purpose for everything, from scribbles, to spilled paint, over spray happens, paint bleeds, chalk dust gets up your nose you sneeze. Just like pollen in the air, and dust in the air makes you sneeze and some people pee a little but when they sneeze. If you make a mistake, or have an accident you clean it up. You laugh, a little or cry a little or a lot and go on about your day, you own it. Clean up your mess. Always find a reason to smile, find some joy in everyday. Always be kind. And Pay it Forward. Tell someone you Love them, Have a Nice Blessed Day!

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