Random Thoughts

Bunny’s are Brilliant! And see in the dark no wonder they KEEP GOING AND GOING AND GOING. MUNCH ON … Mr. Duracell 🐇
These are the things that build character, make you human and show people that you have become a grown up. Never ever stop learning, because you will never know it all, no one knows everything, everyone should be learning something new every day. Keep a journal, trust me one day you will look back and smile, recording the things that make you happy, sad write poems jingles, even if you just write them on scraps of paper and stick it in a book put the date on it. Never regret helping someone. You maybe the ONLY ONE WHO DID! You may never know the difference you make in that one persons life. You make a difference.
Always be kind.

Published by maryshannonhurst

My name is Mary Shannon Hurst, I am a mother of three children, and two grandchildren. Making the transition navigating my way through teenage pregnancy, motherhood, marriages, divorces and navigating sisterhood, job skills training, community relations, international relations, cultural relations, and educating children begins as soon as they are conceived from the foods that go into their mouths the nutrition that they eat, if they get enough sunshine, and exercise fresh air hugs and love and attention. I believe there is a reason and a purpose for everything, from scribbles, to spilled paint, over spray happens, paint bleeds, chalk dust gets up your nose you sneeze. Just like pollen in the air, and dust in the air makes you sneeze and some people pee a little but when they sneeze. If you make a mistake, or have an accident you clean it up. You laugh, a little or cry a little or a lot and go on about your day, you own it. Clean up your mess. Always find a reason to smile, find some joy in everyday. Always be kind. And Pay it Forward. Tell someone you Love them, Have a Nice Blessed Day!

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