Lessons Learned

The best life lessons and examples of kindness and how we should all be demonstrating how to be better people are demonstrated in Schools, when you see children helping each other and interacting with each other. Children do not see race, socioeconomic status, they are not judgemental, they forgive easily, make friends easily, learn to play a variety of games and they follow the rules or they know they DO NOT GET TO PLAY, or do not get rewards in Life. This is how it is supposed to be. It is ashame that life is not always this way. Not everyone plays by the rules. It is sad 😢 being I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, unfortunately a victim of circumstances or my profession as a teacher I have seen both sides thankfully beautiful moments far out weigh the the few moments when students fight, parents get angry, a coworker gets made and yells, a coach throws a chair across the gym floor at a ball game gets ejected from a game, or players fight during a ballgame. Sometimes those beautiful moments get overwhelmed by the drama and explosiveness of bad memories, so we must overcome and refill the mind with the RIGHT KIND IF MEMORY THE RIGHT WAY TO DO THINGS THE RIGHT KIND OF FEELINGS. So that these are the feeling that our children want to remember and repeat OVER AND OVER AND OVER. These are the thing they will embrace and pass on and teach to their children and grandkids.

Be the Best You Can Be Be Productive

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