Hunting Traditions

Pheasanthunting is both an #Americanpastime and #outdoortradition which renews its roots every fall as countless individuals and families set out to pursue the #KingofGamebirds. Only the best and noblest hunters achieve the great achievement of capturing this King of game birds the Willy Pheasant it is a great achievement.

Skilled hunters must train not only their bodies and minds, but must also have the best trained animals. #Pointers are some of the smartest well trained dogs that provide companionship and assist with in the thrill of the chase. That requires knowledge, skill and late-season toughness as one battles the elements of Mother Nature, the thrill of success and defeat in pheasant hunting is what motivates the average hunter to pursue the wily rooster pheasant.

Why Are Family Traditions Important?

You might wonder why family hunting is such a big deal to begin with. Well there are several reasons. First, spending time with a group of like-minded individuals helps build a community of trust and belonging, which is critical for young children to feel. But it’s infinitely more important for them to feel supported and guided by their parents. Likewise, it gives parents another way to teach and spend time with their kids. They grow up very fast, so taking time to do those things while they’re younger will cement them in place for the future.

Speaking of which, many families have strong deer camp traditions that have continued for generations after they started. Usually, they consist of getting extended family members together each hunting season to camp out in tents, trailers, ice houses, or shacks. Old relations recall details of past hunts, catch up on life, and make plans for the next day’s hunting activities around a fire. And sure, maybe a tall tale is occasionally told. Traditions like this start with simply inviting everyone out during the hunting season to enjoy some family time. It doesn’t take much effort, but they will quickly become one of the longest-lasting and most treasured family memories you’ll have.

Also, spending time together hunting means that all parties get a break from today’s technology. Whether we’re referring to our cell phones, work emails, video games, or social media, we all need to unplug once in a while to reduce mental stress and reconnect with nature. There’s no better way to do that than watching the sun come up and hearing the forest come alive within a blind or tree stand with your family nearby. That being said, there are a lot of technological advances that have helped the hunting community tremendously, with scent-eliminating scent slammer products, stealth cams, and advanced vanguard optics to name a few. The difference is that these items are being used as part of the overall hunting approach and not to just mindlessly scroll through the latest updates from long-lost high school classmates. When you’re in the woods with the family, especially teenage children, make it a point to lead by example. Focus on teaching a new tracking skill instead of checking for messages on your phone.

Additionally, the hunting tradition is so critical for us to carry on to the next generation because hunter recruitment and retention are serious issues in today’s world. The simple fact is that hunters are some of the world’s best conservationists, spending millions of dollars each year to support wildlife management and habitat conservation work. As the traditional hunting crowd ages, there’s a noticeable lack of younger hunters to fill this void. With fewer hunters buying licenses and specific wildlife stamps/initiatives, there will be fewer dollars to spend on keeping our wildlife populations healthy and balanced. That means our great American tradition could slowly disappear. By getting children involved at a young age and taking your family hunting as often as possible, you can teach them about the critical function they could serve to help continue the tradition.

How to Start a Family Tradition

Hunting traditions could include most activities from the planning stage to actual field adventures. You probably already have a few of these types of family traditions at home, but here are some ways you could start one if not. First, know that just one really fun event can get everyone so engaged and excited that they can’t wait to do it again. Just one fun day in the woods. Maybe they’d like to repeat it tomorrow, next week, in a few months, or next year. It all depends on what the activity is. Here are a few example traditions that you could try out at home with your own family.

Each spring, make it an annual tradition to go shed hunting as a family. It’s a great way to spend a beautiful spring day and burn some energy after a winter off. Make an entire day of it by bringing along a picnic if the weather’s nice enough. You could all take bets on who’s going to find the biggest shed, the most antlers, or the weirdest find. Kids usually love these kinds of competitions. And you might find it pretty fun yourself.

How Family Hunting Traditions Make You Stronger | Raised Hunting

One of the most basic family hunting traditions you could start is a family bow practice session with your Bear Archery bows. Pick a designated day of the week from spring through hunting season to all carve out thirty minutes to fling some arrows at targets. You can make it fun and keep your kids’ attention by developing some archery games. Most kids love a little competition, especially if there’s a friendly prize in it for the winner.

If you’re a landowner or lease some property where you can plant food plots as a family, make a tradition to all head out to the farm to get some work done. Get your family involved in the process by letting them choose the seed mix for an experimental plot you rotate every year. If they’re interested, let them help plan new plots with you. And definitely let them help with the work if they’re still excited about it! After your food plots have started growing, you could all head out on a Friday night to glass the fields for bucks. If it’s a longer drive, make sure to bring some snacks to keep everyone happy along the way. Maybe treat them to ice cream on a particularly hot summer day. A little bribery won’t ruin them.

If you’re planning on doing some family hunting trips next year and would like to make it an annual event, gather everyone around the table to plan out the details. Talk about the clothing you’ll need, the route you’ll take, the animals you’ll be hunting, and any other relevant topics. By including the whole family in the discussion, it will help everyone to feel like they’re part of the group. There are lots of family friendly hunting lodges out there that offer family hunting vacation packages. Take advantage of them while you can, because schedules will only get busier over time.

Other Family Hunting Tips

Here are a few other recommendations that would help in your pursuit to build a new tradition. Make sure to take lots of pictures and videos to document your family adventures. There’s nothing quite like looking back at your family’s memories. Think about how special it is to you if you can view pictures of your grandparents and great grandparents doing the same activity from many years prior. It allows you to reflect on what’s changed over time and what’s stayed the same. You might be surprised.

Similarly, you should keep a short journal of your family tradition activities. Just like the pictures, it allows you to recall in vivid detail the outcomes of any specific hunting trip or outdoor adventure. Small, but important, details can easily disappear from our memories within a short period of time. After only a year, you’d be surprised at what you forget. But recording the basic details (e.g., who, what, when, where, etc.) in a notebook or on a computer can allow you to look back on a hunting trip from ten years past and recall the memory without any problems.

Above all, you need to keep things fun while doing all of this. Don’t turn scouting trips into forced marches, and don’t be too critical. If your kids want to rest and do an impromptu snack break, join them! If you can let loose and all enjoy some laughter, you’ll be much more likely to form a lasting event that you can continue throughout your life.

How Family Hunting Traditions Make You Stronger | Raised Hunting

Why Do These Traditions Work?

We asked earlier in the article why certain traditions stick, while others simply fade away, doomed to be a one-time event. Let’s expand on that a little more. It’s easy to ignore the importance of family traditions sometimes. Work, school activities, and other events get in the way and we can lose track of time pretty easily. But when you elevate activities into a true family tradition, it takes on a new meaning. It becomes a special time that nobody wants to miss out on. It becomes a special and cherished memory.

The tradition of hunting is a perfect activity for families to do together since it can involve anyone. All you need is some open space and willing family members. By starting these activities while your kids are young, they can develop unique lifelong skills that they’ll appreciate forever. And as we discussed earlier, life will get in the way unless we fight back and carve out some time for tradition. Don’t wait any longer.Categories: Camp, Raised Hunting BlogTags: american tradition, deer camp traditions, family adventures, family bow practice, family friendly hunting lodges, family hunting trips, family hunting vacation packages, family traditions, hunting as a family, hunting tradition, hunting traditions, importance of family traditions, outdoor adventure, plant food plots as a family, shed hunting as a family, the tradition of hunting, traditional american family values, types of family traditions

Imagination is the Golden Pathway to Everything

At #dusk when I was sitting #outside and #observing the #kids #playing, #listening to the #dogs #barking, #people #driving , #praying there are no #accidents. I can #hear a #variety of #music #carsengines, #doorsslamming, #cars #honking, #fender #benders, #dishes #breaking, #cusswords, , #thankyous #gratitude #iloveyous. #geese #ducks and #birds #flying over head… one of the neighbors kids actually pointed and said “look #turkey”. the sister said “#crazy” for all I know it could be a #drone I just #giggle #outloud at the funny way kid play, the #innocence of their #imaginations. #Kids do not get enough #time to #run and #play and #pretend, to enjoy #silly little games with super hero’s, or to be super hero’s, because every #child and #adult wants to be a #Super #Hero! to go to #petting zoo’s, to be a #Princess, to visit and see and pet the #farm #animals, to learn to #rideabike, #todance, #tosing #rideahorse, to eat #amazing #dinners, and go on #treasure hunts, and #hunting trips, to go to #museums, on #cruises, to #DisneyWorld to ride the #Rides, to go #Football games, #Basketball games, #Baseball games, #Concerts, to hear surround sound to feel the #Vibrations of the #speakers and the #rush of the #wind the #adrenalinerush #laughter #joy and #spendtime with their #families and #friends #WatchingGAMES, and #spendtimewithfamilyandfriends


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#walkabouts say #hi to new people you might make a new friend or learn something that you didn’t know if your not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone …. you might even learn something new …


opportunityknocks #seizetheday

Ok don’t laugh at me but sometimes I talk back to the birds and the animals. I just amuse myself. I guess you have to #livewithinrange .... #Iamstrange #Iamweird #bedifferent. #Whybenormal #MakeADifferenceEveryday




PlantingSeedsofGoodCharacter ….

#soendtimewithfriends ##soendtimewithteachers #visitparksandrecreation


playgameswithyourfamilies #playboardgames #Eatingdinner #goingforwalkes #drivesinthecountry #plantagarden

opportunityknocks #seizetheday

Ok don’t laugh at me but sometimes I talk back to the birds and the animals. I just amuse myself. I guess you have to #livewithinrange .... #Iamstrange #Iamweird #bedifferent. #Whybenormal #MakeADifferenceEveryday




PlantingSeedsofGoodCharacter ….

Just thoughts that come to me on a daily basis , If you take time to observe the things that are going on around you … you might see MIRACLES TOO!

Best Friends

Being weird is cool I have some really cool weird friends too! Some people may think we are square or kind of nerdy, have weird habits, but to be quit frank, we are really highly intelligent, and very creative people. #Artists, #musicians, #storywriters #craftsmen, #environmentalist,#doctors, #nutritionists, #historians, #theologians,#politicians, #lawyers, #engineers #civilservice #men and #women #policeofficers, #firemen #army #navy #airforce #marines #specialforces, #parksandrecreation #teachers #truckdrivers #cooks #farmers #mechanics #news and #media #transportationworkers #safteyengineers
I am glad there are other people like me that can appreciate the beauty in the little things and can create monuments parks, museums, and write speeches, or music have ways to honor and help us to never forget historical events of the past so that we do not have to repeat them. We can be reminded of the hero’s that served to protect us, the ones that have gone before us and been great leaders and teachers. We can all learn from the past and plan for great futures for all of our children everywhere to have bright futures. Living laughing, living and learning from one another sharing the great cultures and rich experiences this wonderful wonderful world has to offer. If everyone all over the world would just pause for a moment and consider that if there was PEACE everywhere and everyone got along, there was a way to compromise, communicate on all issues and not argue and fight and cause tragedy, harm or hurt other people it is horrific to see other people in pain. Everyone has a mother, a father, siblings, cousins, brothers and sisters from other mothers we may not be flesh and blood but we are neighbors and friends. In one great big planet called Earth! There is only one Mother Earth. You can’t repair the damage you do to her. It takes millions of years to repair the damage you do. What kind of legacy will you be leaving for the next generation of children and grandchildren great grandchildren to deal with if we do not protect it and everyone across the the World join hands and work together in HARMONY.☝🏻💙🙏🏼

Sea Turtles

Throughout history, many cultures adopted sea turtles as symbols for many different themes as well. Because of their long lifespan, sea turtles often symbolize #patience, #wisdom, #endurance, #longevity and #goodluck. … A turtle’s shell is strong enough to carry the weight of the continent on its back, and with it their actual home.

Artwork made of recycled materials… liquid watercolors, epoxy, on canvas

By M Shannon Hurst


Sometimes we can find the most beautiful patterns in nature, you find symmetry, made by insects and bugs, nature it is beautiful, much like a hand crocheted doilies made by our grandparents, and their grandparents. Skills that are not taught anymore. Crafts that have been taken over by machines. Traditions and fans family values story telling things that should be written down and told to kids and grandkids and Histories to be preserved as well as traditions, values and ethics, hugs, storytelling and love of family cultures and traditions.

Webs in the garden

In the rose garden
The writing spider

Folklore of the Writing Spider

When I was growing up, there were certain animals and bugs that we were allowed to kill. Venomous snakes and spiders were never well loved. And many spiders bit the dust just because they were “creepy” or looked too much like a venomous spider.

One spider that was fiercely protected though was this yellow and black garden spider. KNown properly by the name of Argiope,  the elderly ladies in my life called them Writing Spiders, Garden Spiders, or Name Spiders.

If you don’t like spiders, then this one is definitely a yucky looking specimen to have around. It is large…sometimes seven inches across! It builds enormous webs that you don’t want to walk into. But it also has magical powers. And in the Ouachita Mountains…you respect things with magical powers.

From a very young age, my grandmother taught us that you NEVER kill or even bother a writing spider. If you tear down it’s web, or try to kill it…it will rebuild the next day. And it will write your name in it’s web. When that happens…you are doomed to die.

If you kill it, then you have doomed yourself to bad luck. The worst kind of bad luck, like disease, grief and yes…even death. That is how powerful the magic of this spider is. Some other legends say that if the spiders hear you speak the name of a love one, or if they count a child’s teeth, they will write those names in their webs too.

As a tribute to all the elderly people in my life who left these spiders looming in their gardens, and taught me to respect the power of Nature, here is a photo of my spider. She has been hanging on my porch for weeks, and everyone is forbidden to bother her web


Art work by M Shannon Hurst

Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness and optimism. They represent longevity, love, and loyalty. And have been used in ceremonies for thousands of years

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and longevity. Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself. These flowers are unique in that they have the ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment and vibrancy—attributes which mirror the sun and the energy provided by its heat and light.

Sunflowers are known for being “happy” flowers, making them the perfect gift to bring joy to someone’s (or your) day.

The History of Sunflowers

Sunflowers originated in the Americas in 1,000 B.C., and were then cultivated as a valuable food source for centuries. With the European exploration of the New World, the flower’s popularity spread, as the rest of the world began to appreciate its beauty and sustenance.

Artists throughout history loved the sunflower’s unique splendor—those of the Impressionist era were especially fixated on the flower. The use of sunflower images as religious symbols has also been documented in some native societies.

Wild sunflowers are often photographed with their tall stalks and bright petals stretched towards the sun. This interesting behavior, known as phototropism, inspired a motif that has appeared in many ancient works.

Today, sunflowers remain a highly recognized flower, admired for its sunny charm and delightful disposition. These beauties are also still sourced for their seeds, as well as oils used for cooking and skin emollients. For a flower that reflects so many of the sun’s positive characteristics, it isn’t surprising that people enjoy basking in the sunflower’s warming glow so much.

The Golden Oak

The oak leaf is a powerful symbol. As Douglas Keister puts it in Stories in Stone, “Just as the lion is the King of Beasts, the oak is the #kingofTrees.” Oak leaves symbolize #strength, #endurance, #eternity, #honor, #liberty, #hospitality, #faith, and #virtue — all combined show the force of the Christian faith.

Big oaks grow from small acorns, and activity is a precursor to accomplishment. You don’t think yourself into success. Mark Sanborn
Thankful to my Biology teacher in High School who taught us the Trees of Arkansas and leaf identification our Leaf Collection project and inspired a great love of Nature and the great out doors. Jerry Duncan a great inspiration to many students in Van Buren.